Communications and Public Affairs Office

News & Events

DateSchool / DepartmentHeadline
10-17SCOMIndependent Accreditation Panel Meeting for Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Convergent Media and Communication Technology
10-16SCOMStudents from the School of Communication won top prizes in 2015 Campus News Awards
10-16EDCEDC Organised the “Leadership with Heart” Seminar
10-15AAAODialogue with Mr Lau Ming Wai
10-15CTLExperience Sharing on Writing a Successful RGC Research Grant Proposal
10-14SCOMSCOM Talk Series 23: Documentary Film and Society
10-14Provost's OfficeOpening Ceremony of “In the Mood for Animals—a contemporary art exhibition of five Hong Kong artists”
10-14STRAVisit to the Government Information Bureau of the Macao SAR (GCS) and University of Macau
10-10SAOPresident’s Reception for Parents, Teachers and Students
10-10SCOMPresident’s Reception for Parents, Teachers and Students (SCOM)
10-10SBUSPresident’s Reception for Parents, Teachers and Students (BBA)
10-09AAAOHSMC held Naming Ceremony of Alice Lam Lecture Theatre
10-09PDQAOLearning Programme Accreditation for Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Asian Studies and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied and Human-Centred Computing
10-08SCMSeminar on Cost vs Sustainability in Transport and Logistics
10-07SCOMSCOM Talk Series 22: My Higher Education Ideals and Visions on HSMC Development
10-05SBUSIndependent Discipline Review (IDR) for Programme Area Accreditation (PAA) for the Business School, HSMC
09-30SCOMGuardian Angel Scheme - Meet with your Guardian Angel 2015
09-25AAAOHSMC and HSSC Alumni Association held its Second Annual General Meeting and Dinner Reception
09-25ENG“Glocal” Cultural Week
09-24MGTBBA-MGT Enlightenment Series: Electives Selection Sharing Session
09-23SCOMSchool of Communication Internship Briefing Session
09-19ACCHKICPA Scholarship and QP Scholarship 2015
09-19CPAOHSMC Mid-Autumn Festival Visit to Elderly Home
09-17ENGIELTS Talk delivered by the British Council
09-16SCOMBJC Concentration Selection Briefing Session
09-14CPAOHSMC Hosted a Media Gathering : Pursuit of University Title
09-10AAAORoundtable Discussion on Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship
09-09SCOMSchool of Communication Launched the First Dean’s Talk
09-08AAAOVisit to Wing Lai Yuen
09-02PDQAOIndependent Accreditation Panel Meeting for Master of Arts in Translation (Business and Law) Programme
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