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Shatin Arts and Cultural Promotion Project 2016

BJC Students
4 February 2016

A group photo of representatives from HSMC and Shatin Arts & Culture Promotion Committee  

Shatin Arts and Cultural Promotion Project 2015/2016 (Project), co-organised by the School of Communication of Hang Seng Management College and Shatin Arts & Culture Promotion Committee, aimed at enhancing public understanding of the history and traditional culture of Shatin by promoting the Shatin arts and cultural events through a collection of promotion tactics, including a video and a booklet themed “沙田九約太平清醮”  (Tai Ping Ching Chiu Festival of Nine Sub-districts of Shatin) prepared by students of the School of Communication.

Students participating in the Project are:

Publication Team:
CHIN Hoi Tung, BJC, Year 4
CHONG Ching Ying, BJC, Year 4
LO Katherine, BJC, Year 4
CHOW Wing Yin, BJC, Year 1
MAK Ka Leung, BJC, Year 1
WONG Lok Tung, BJC, Year 1
WONG Sin Yu, BJC, Year 1

Video Production Team:
AU Ka Man, BJC, Year 4
CHONG Yuen Ching, BJC, Year 4
HEUNG Tsz Hang, BJC, Year 4
LI Fun Yu, BJC, Year 4
LI Ka Ho, BJC, Year 4
LO Suet Ting, BJC, Year 4
TAM Tsz Nga, BJC, Year 4
WONG Hiu Ching, BJC, Year 4
WONG Lok Yi, BJC, Year 4
CHAN Hiu Lam, BJC, Year 1
LEE Po Yi, BJC, Year 1
TANG Shuk Ying, BJC, Year 1