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Campus Newspaper Awards 2015

Best in News Reporting (Chinese) and Best in News Writing (Chinese)
BJC Students
16 October 2015

Mrs Carrie Lam,GBS, JP (5th from right), Mr Garth Jones, Group Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President, AIA Group Limited (4th from left) and Mr Zhou Li, Editorial Board Member of China Daily Group, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of China Daily Asia Pacific (4th from right) presented the first runner-up award of Best in News Reporting (Chinese) to BJC students


Mr Lam Woon-kwong, GBS, JP (4th from left), Mr Garth Jones (2nd from left) and Mr Liu Wei-tao, Deputy Editor in Chief of China Daily Hong Kong Edition (2nd from right) presented the second runner-up award of Best in News Writing (Chinese) to our students


The Campus Newspaper Awards, organised by China Daily Asia Pacific, aims at encouraging university students to participate in the production of Campus Newspapers so as to enhance the standard and quality of College Campus Newspapers and provide a platform for students to communicate with each other.


Students from the School of Communication of Hang Seng Management College won two prizes in the 2015 Campus Newspaper Awards. Members of the two teams are:


1. Best in News Reporting (Chinese) — First runner-up



AU Chun Wai, BJC, Year 3
CHAN Tsun, BJC, Year 3
CHAN Yun San, BJC, Year 3
FAN Wing Sum Coco, BJC, Year 3
NG Tsz Yiu, BJC, Year 3
SHEN Wai Lai, BJC, Year 3
SIN Ka Ching, BJC, Year 3
WONG Chun San, BJC, Year 3
Entry: 零售業職學雙軌課程
2. Best in News Writing (Chinese) — Second runner-up


NG Hiu Tung, BJC, Year 3

SZE Man Lung, BJC, Year 2
WAN Yuet Ting , BJC, Year 2
WONG Wai Yin, BJC, Year 2
Entry: 天光不見 天光墟